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I am honored to keynote my presidency of Guilford Technical Community College by introducing our new GTCC magazine, CareerFocus.

Through these pages in print and online, GTCC will endeavor to spread the news about the initiatives and activities of North Carolina’s third largest community college.

I am aware of your community’s collective sense of pride in this admirable institution. I assure you that as we move to the next level of effectiveness we will continue our mission to eliminate poverty, elevate the technical skills of our workforce, raise the standard of living and thoroughly resurface the road to the middle class which passes through GTCC’s four campuses and two centers.

Our commitment is to help all those who use our educational and training services Create Successful Futures for themselves, their families and their organizations. GTCC works with students who in many cases are at a critical juncture in their lives, many of whom are unemployed and at risk due to a variety of social and financial pressures. We employ our proven Achieving the Dream strategy to provide our students appropriate refresher courses and intensive advisement to ensure their success.

As the managing partner for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Completion by Design initiative for North Carolina’s Community Colleges, we are committed to finding new methodologies to help improve the completion and graduation rates for all of our students especially low income students between 18 and 26, the target group for the for the Bill and Melinda Gates initiative. We are challenged to ensure that our students complete a credential with market value when they leave our campuses.

Rest assured that I will commit my more than 30 years in workforce development to promote the fields of aviation, transportation and logistics. I will put the experience I gained at the NC Global Transpark Authority to work on the facilities and programs at GTCC’s new Cameron Campus near Oak Ridge. Aviation programming will continue to expand with what we do with TIMCO, HondaJet and other employers.

Guilford Technical Community College is a powerful force in this community. Rest assured that my staff and I will positively manage our $200 million annual budget as we continue to grow beyond the 45,000 students we serve annually.

We need your support and your suggestions. We need you on advisory committees and as contributors to the GTCC Foundation. We need you to send us students and to take our message of hope and growth to your colleagues and communities on street corners and in church pews and boardrooms as we challenge the county and the region to make a giant You-Turn and get on the highway to success.

1 New Year’s Day (College closed)
2 College reopens
2 Web Advisor ONLY – Payment due for previously registered classes by 7 pm – all non-paid classes dropped at 7 pm
3 Open registration begins for all students payment due by
7 pm – all non-paid classes dropped at 7pm
3 All faculty report
3 International Student Orientation
4 Registration continues – payment due by 7pm – all non-paid classes dropped at 7pm
5 Final Day to register – payment due by 7pm – all non-paid classes dropped at 7pm
6 Faculty Professional Development Day
9 First day of classes
11 Last day for schedule adjustment for full-term courses
12 Third Thursday Theatre presents “What a Wonderful World”
16 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (College closed)
16 Third Thursday Theatre presents “Star Wreck”
22 Employer Panel
5 Regular Monday class day
6-11 Pending Spring Break – no curriculum classes
6-11 International Student Club Spring Break trip to Florida
6, 7 Inclement Weather Make-up Days
8 Staff Professional Development Day (College Services Closed)
15 Third Thursday Theatre presents “Captain Abu Raed”
16 Graduation application submission deadline
21 Job Fair
2 Last day to withdraw for full term classes
6 Good Friday Holiday (College closed)
11 International Student Club Luncheon
19 Third Thursday Theatre presents
“The Way I Spent the End of the World”
24 Honors Ceremony
29 Summer Financial Aid deadline
7 Last day of classes (Friday class day only)
8 Inclement weather make-up day
8 Payment due by 7pm for all previously registered Summer term classes – all non-paid classes dropped at 7pm
10 Commencement

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